After 8 long years we finally get our best look at Final

first_imgFinal Fantasy XV $14.95 at Amazon was announced over eight years ago, as part of the ill-fated but somehow semi-successful Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. The game’s original trickle of news slowed to a halt and FFXV seemingly joined the ranks of vaporware, being replaced by multiple sequels to the poorly received Final Fantasy XIII, focus on the second FF MMO Final Fantasy XIV, and a couple of portable installments. Now, though, XV must be nearing some kind of plan for a release, because news is leaking once again. After eight years, we’re finally getting a peek at what the game could actually look like upon release.For the uninitiated, both Final Fantasy XIII $21.98 at Amazon and FFXV were announced back in 2006, but XV was originally titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII and billed as part of the XIII universe. The team cites the name change as happening for a few reasons, but mainly because the game would be releasing on a new console and needed to separate itself from the last-gen series. Most people would suggest that the poor reviews and negative reception of Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels played a part in XV needing to distance itself from the brand.The game still remained largely unheard of for years, until a first look at the gameplay debuted at E3 2013. Now, a new look at the gameplay has been released, and though it isn’t the first look, it’s definitely the best.Aside from how black-and-grey the scenery in the above video is, what’s blatantly obvious is that Final Fantasy XV is going to play like Kingdom Hearts. More action than your standard FF, but not a full-on action game. This, of course, makes sense, as one of the directors and heads of the game is Tetsuya Nomura — the director of Kingdom Hearts.While the above video looks a little button-mashy, those of you expecting more strategic fights supposedly shouldn’t worry. The team has explained that the game will use something of a hybrid action-RPG battle system where the action buttons change context based on the situation. Unfortunately, though, due to the active nature of the battle system, you won’t be able to switch characters on the fly.As of now, there still isn’t really a release date for the game. Given its long history (and ties to Fabula Nova Crystallis), it’s best that you don’t hold your breath, but hey, this new gameplay video is better than nothing.last_img read more

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