Early Retirement Forget it With UK pensions coll

first_imgEarly Retirement? Forget it. With UK pensions collapsing and politicians threatening to increase retirement age, the working generations now face a long haul until they are presented with that gold pen and series of insincere handshakes.With that in mind, you’re going to need to start thinking tactically about using your holidays to make your life last longer if you’re even going to make it to retirement!Travel search site Skyscanner introduces 10 ideas from around the world which will keep you looking and feeling fit and healthy until that dim and distant day arrives. Zen meditation courses, JapanIt has apparently been proven (maybe even scientifically), that meditation can help to reduce stress levels and also the cognitive decline associated with getting older. Eiheiji Temple in Fukui is one of many places in the country that offers the chance to meditate with the monks, but be prepared for some early morning sessions – the zen begins at 3:30am! Find cheap flights to JapanCosmetic Surgery Holidays, MalaysiaThough it sounds a bit ghoulish, plenty of Europeans are heading for foreign shores to get “a bit of work done”, and then taking time off afterwards in the sun so after effects of procedures can be hidden with a tan. The reason people consider this is usually financial, since this kind of work overseas can be far cheaper than in Europe – though websites claim that the quality is not in any way compromised. Find cheap flights to MalaysiaFitness Holiday, Algarve, PortugalThis kind of holiday is for those who want to get back into a healthy routine and enjoy an active break. Quinta do Mar da Luz on the south coast of the Algarve offers yoga sessions, surfing and fitness boot camps to get you back into shape. Accommodation and food are all part of the package – vegetarian and organic wherever possible of course! Find cheap flights to PortugalAyurveda Holidays, IndiaAyurveda is a system of medicine native to India, and seeks to keep you healthy by balancing your individual constitution or dosha. The idea is that we are all made up of three physiological principles, and that problems occur when there is an imbalance in one or more of them. Experts can help to restore this balance through Panchakarma therapy, stress relief through massage and Shirodhara treatments. Nope, we’ve got no idea either. Find cheap flights to IndiaChinese Medicines, ChinaThe ancient art of Chinese medicine has all kinds of clever ideas about anti-aging herbs and plants. Things like Chinese Knotweed, Atragalus and Ganoderma lucidum to name but three, are all thought to have rejuvenating properties. These days, Chinese medicine stores can be found all over the world, but you can’t beat Beijing for the real deal: take a study tour with is focused on those interested in traditional Chinese medicine methods for ‘easying ageing’ and keeping in good health. Find cheap flights to ChinaMonastery Retreats, ScotlandIf Japan is a little too far, why not get spiritual closer to home? Findhorn on the shores of the Moray Firth is a spiritual haven for the holistic offering personal growth and self-awareness therapy course to participants from all over the world. Sure to lower stress, lengthen life and help you reach retirement after all. Find cheap flights to ScotlandBaden Baden, GermanyIf you like your spa towns on the luxurious side, then this is the place for you. Known as far back as Roman times for its health-giving properties, this town is picturesque, chic and filled with designer shops, so once you have come back laden down with bags from Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci, you can rest your weary bones in the famous waters. Find cheap flights to GermanyHolistic Holidays, Cocoa Island, The MaldivesThe idea here is have a holiday which promotes not only physical, but more importantly, spiritual wellbeing. If you can’t feel good on a tropical island with the joys of sea salt scrubs, marine algae wraps and baths, all designed for rejuvenation and restored vitality, then quite frankly you are not going to feel good anywhere. Apart from anything else, you’ll need these things to take your mind off how much it’s costing. Find cheap flights to the MaldivesHot Springs, JapanAn onsen is the Japanese term for these geothermal phenomena, and are hugely popular across the country. Some of the most famous are the Kusatsu Onsen located North West of Tokyo, which became very popular after a German doctor noted the health benefits of the waters. Different pools offer different temperatures, colours and even “flavours”, depending on what minerals the waters contain. Hydrogen Carbonate spring water, anyone? Find cheap flights to JapanAnd finally, the Elizabeth Bathóry way, Nyírbátor, HungaryAs far as top quality aristocratic crazies go, Countess Elizabeth Bathóry was right up there. She is one of history’s most renowned female serial killers and apocryphal tales claim she bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. It should be noted that Skyscanner in no way endorses this practice – having realised that baths take ages to clean afterwards. 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