Soft Wen marketing analysis Ryoji behind the hot

Shenyang network marketing blogger Zhou Xusheng worked in A5 webmaster forum see the words like "what is marketing marketing? How to do?" so today I will you analyze a soft "exposure" Ryoji "selling" behind the Baidu search; it is recommended that you use the title of this article should be consulted this article reading.

1 Title: "exposure" Ryoji "hot" behind, when you see what the first feeling is this title? Please give me a message to tell me; I say first I saw the title of this feeling is to click the look inside, hidden behind his hot hide what not to be divulged secret; so his the title is very attractive, write very successful, easy to attract the public network to click Browse; so when we go to write text, the title is very important, this article determines your soft Wen promotion success and failure;

2: according to the first paragraph of Zhou Xusheng’s writing order we look down, the first paragraph, straight into the subject, illustrate the product, at a glance told what is the netizen "Ryoji"? And the "Xi’an" region if people need to buy it, then the region is determined, is "Xi’an";

3 second paragraph: with a very clever way to write the use of the installation of the use of the product and the use of the role of the third. "In particular, women, the elderly and patients with hemorrhoids after the timely flushing is very important." This short sentence, attract more people to watch, is about women and the elderly, user groups were determined, and can make people to analyze the products from the "love" and "filial piety" point of view, to give a hypothesis of "if for my wife or father and mother bought them for what will happen


third: a required performance "continue to highlight the product is no longer the cold winter toilet seat" the function is also popular, the characteristics of this sentence is to seize the public demand for the public needs such a function, then he launched this feature, there are "known as" revolutionary breakthrough "after cleaning the human way," is a sign of a major breakthrough in human health concept products". This passage indirectly shows the credibility of this product, the Internet users will think that this product has been such an honor, but also to seize the growing emphasis on health concepts". This section is mainly to seize the hearts of the masses to do a series of content, although the text is not much, but very effective;


fourth: with the third methods, standing on the perspective of the reporters after the user experience effect, do the network marketing author Zhou Xusheng that people all know, users say is really good this truth, this soft article on the use of this technique, the user that is really good; we can look at Mr. Niu answer, his words said this is the background of a product, Japanese products, although it is now very boycott, Zhou Xusheng stressed that "the Diaoyu Islands are always China"; but this article was issued in 2009, we all know Japanese electronic products very well at that time. They.