The promotion of personal website

blink of an eye my rescue network has been on the line for two months, and now mediocre results, Alexa ranked about ten million, Google included in the, Baidu included less than one hundred.. Fortunately, Baidu is the next snapshot. The spider will come to my station.

to build this site is intended to spread the knowledge of the rescue, providing rescue methods, so that visitors learn disaster self-help, learn to survive the essentials, spread a 2012 is not the end of the world concept. The purpose is that some, but the flow has been unable to go on, I think for a long time, perhaps there is no effective promotion, resulting in no flow site. The data is not ideal, just before the update content is simple, a Links. Now I should have a good plan. Promote the website.

I developed a program to promote the period of two months, and now write it out, welcome to criticize me.

one, the first and the first four weeks, the main job is to update the content of the site, I think the content of their own website is not enough, lack of original content. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the content of the site, update the article every day 20, mainly in the rescue of the article based, other content of the second, every two days to write an original article. Sync to the major blogs and forums to increase the chain. The site is like playing cards, to win the first look at the hands of the quality of the brand, followed by considering how a good brand. So first of all, the site should be worth watching.

two, fifth weeks, every day to update the article in the first 3 days to write a original, landing links platform, exchange links, landing on the 20 platform every day. Increase the chain can also be changed to a certain quality of the link. Daily update can also add ip.

three, sixth weeks, update the article every day, 5, write an original article in the past 3 days, every day landing site navigation 10.

four and seventh weeks, every day to update the article 5, 3 days to write a original, QQ group released a large forum posting links, leaving the website information, to attract users to visit.

five, eighth weeks, due to working relationships, time is limited, this week only one more day, the use of soft Wen promotion, a day of soft Wen, published in the relevant website platform. Achieve a certain purpose.

promotion program include the above five steps, hoped that after the website and Alexa Rankings can increase, while IP volume growth, better to have a part of fixed users visit. If the program is successful, the future will be a little adjustment to adapt to the development of the site, continue to do my website.

above is a man on the point of view of website promotion, I hope everyone criticism, while in the way of learning, not afraid to fall, climb up, I want to go further.

this article from the rescue network, reproduced please specify.