How to reverse the QQ space

I believe that we do from the media, no matter what the platform, we have more than one number. Take the WeChat public number and QQ space, we may have some of each person has ten numbers. What do we do with so many numbers, is it necessary?

yes, of course, yes, there are two main reasons:

: the first title to prevent

This is what we do to prevent the

title of one of the main causes of so many, we now know, whether it is WeChat or the space, the tubes are relatively strict. Especially in our orders, the amount of fans will be reduced, and we also have to prevent this title, these are all we have to be ready in the early, well prepared against want. Especially in the QQ space, when we have a large amount of traffic, we are particularly easy to be restricted. This will greatly reduce our income, then when the number of more, we sealed the one or two number also does not matter, there are other numbers, then you can rely on these large do a trumpet up, slowly accumulate. This is basically not for our losses.

second: for profit

the purpose of our marketing is to ultimately profitable, when we have more than the next, then the choice of customers will be more, this is a good chance for us to pick up a single high. Often we are faced with the customer is right there are many requirements. If we only have one or two numbers, then we are very difficult to take orders. Some of us may encounter such a situation, that we may receive a single day, but their number has been sealed or restricted, so for us only anxious, can not take a single.

said so much, so how do we go back to the


1 character signature

in front of personality which we can set the guide language, after entering the space in our friends can directly see, in the mobile phone QQ chat talk in the chat interface is the primary display position, and enter the space interface directly in the account information of the next bar. Such exposure is relatively high.


in each of our hair inside, we are able to direct their own comments. For example, QQ**** more concerned about what kind of words, such a guide is still relatively good. This is a friend to visit our talk about the content can be seen directly. We can comment on each of these comments. So we can talk about each of the new friends are able to bring our attention to the small space.

[email protected] mode

@ this with everyone or more, this is the main way for the talk, we talk about when you can edit in @ our friends, then this will be displayed in our text information about it. When friends visit us