Restore double 11 electricity supplier promotion war Tmall play a leading role in the Jingdong show


Tencent technology November 12th Yao Hongxi reported

annual 1111 promotional activities finally came to an end, and in the past is different, this year’s electricity supplier war has become a one-man show Tmall, other electricity providers to participate in the weak, the basic has become a supporting role. This makes Tmall led 11.11 shopping Carnival day trading volume reached $19 billion 100 million (Tmall, Taobao, 5 billion 900 million), far more than last year’s $3 billion 360 million, thus setting a new record.

in fact, around the eleven promotions, the major platforms and vertical electricity supplier website as early as a few months ago to start the preparation, including to attract businesses, set sales promotion program, engage in internal training, alliance logistics, etc.. Each play is not the same, for example, Suning has been expanded from 9 days, four days to 12 days (scheduled for three days, a temporary increase in the day); Jingdong promotions for 10 to 12 days, the intention of blocking Tmall.

, however, more Internet users are still locked in the eyes of the day in November 11th, a pointer to the early morning gate opened wide, began buying spree. In these 24 hours, the performance of the various sites and how to move the following Tencent technology, according to the description of the collection of micro-blog and friends, from which can be seen in several sites on the activities of the attitude.


is reported that Tmall will soon set up headquarters, under the technology, logistics, customer service and other departments, Ali’s many other business line staff also joined the support. 10 evening, the command personnel are in place. At the same time, part of the seller also stationed Ali office area, in order to be able to understand the first time Tmall dynamic, convenient goods shelves and shelves as soon as possible.

due to intensive advertising and a variety of online channel campaign, many users have to wait in front of the computer. Tmall is also ahead of the launch of the event page, and carry out Alipay charge 300 to send 150 sweepstakes.

after 0 points, the official launch of a large number of Internet users began to launch orders. At the same time, Tmall, micro-blog, began intensive broadcast progress, according to the official known as the first minutes of more than 10 million people visit, for the last 3 times; ten minutes, Alipay total turnover 250 million.

because of short time traffic and orders surge, Tmall website after the event will become very slow, Alipay has become crowded, submit the order or payment page with "stuck", several pages paralysis, which seems to be beyond the official activities of the expected. Subsequently, the technology sector began to visit the user diversion, the implementation of queuing system, around 2, the system began to recover. Then in 2:19 minutes, the total turnover of promotional activities trading volume exceeded 3 billion 370 million last year.

According to the Tmall

at the office of micro-blog users said that many office area are hanging banners, as fighting in the first line of the staff. "The head can be broken, the blood may flow, double side.