E traced to the presence of serious vulnerabilities experts urged to use other browsers

Beijing morning news on September 18th, several computer security experts said this week, due to a newly discovered vulnerabilities, PC users should stop using Microsoft IE browser.

information security company Rapid7 Engineering Manager Todd · (Tod Beardsley), said: hackers are likely to take advantage of this vulnerability in your computer engaged in illegal activities. They will be able to access all the files on your computer." Microsoft said in a statement, said: we are actively investigating these reports, and will take the necessary measures to protect users."

Trend Micro senior threat researcher Paul · (Paul Ferguson) for Ferguson said: "the user can temporarily use other browsers, until this problem is solved. Or they’ll just have to take a chance." The information security consulting firm Treadstone 71 chief intelligence officer Geoff · (Jeff Bardin), said: why do you want to accept this risk, I tend to stay away from IE."

Luxemburg e-Business & Resilience Centre security consultant Eric ·

(Eric Romang) on Friday to investigate the possibility of a hacker attack on the server found this vulnerability. Bell Dursley said that these hackers have not previously discovered a IE vulnerability to break the server. Hackers can be implanted in the normal website malicious code, resulting in access to the site’s user computer virus infection.

according to StatCounter data, last month, IE is the world’s second browser, market share of $33%. While Google Chrome market share of 34%.

information security company BeyondTrust chief technology officer Mark · May Fleet (Marc Maiffret) said that some companies may not be able to stop using IE, because of its application and web browser is not compatible with Chrome or other. For such companies, they can consider making the system compatible with Chrome.