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turmoil thousands of war, and then to the three China oligopoly market as the group purchase pattern has been set. However, to gradually slowing the growth of the group purchase market, but there are new variables.

traditional group purchase demand saturation, low spoiler market self smashing feet

buy the industry experienced years of bubble growth, and gradually began to restore rational, has always been the price advantage to attract consumers to buy site, its product prices are rising. To some extent, it can be said that now the group is no longer cheap.

According to the latest data of the 800

group showed that May China group purchase market turnover growth of 6.6% to 15 billion 340 million yuan, the increase in the number of 3.2% to 230 million people. The core of the group in the sale of the singular reached 1 million 628 thousand, the chain fell by 10%. This is the second since February, there has been a negative growth. The decline in the sale of a single group, but also to deal with the growth of a little force does not appear to be small, the emergence of a certain increase, which is mainly due to the rise in customer prices.

group should be the core of the line to help businesses make full use of idle service resources, but now buy platform to bring more business is the pursuit of low-cost customers. This also allows the industry to produce a serious paradox, if there is no massive influx of customers, it can not reduce the cost of continuing to provide low-cost concessions. And if you buy platform to achieve a scale, then the quality of service is difficult to guarantee.

buy flicker era has passed, businesses began to return to rational collective

many businesses began to participate in the group purchase fancy is when advertising, lose money is advertising, but with the group purchase boom, businesses found that this advertisement is only a bubble, sometimes it will bring a lot of negative evaluation. Faced with such a dilemma, businesses have made their own choice.

when merchants are not to blindly pursue short-term turnover, at a low price as the core competitiveness of the group purchase advantage is all gone. Rational businesses have chosen to consider their own idle service capabilities, different periods of traffic and the overall gross margin and long-term revenue to configure their own prices. The direct data here reflect the decline in the number of sales.

For example,

our mission to the United States, according to the official press release and the third party of the group 800 data show that the United States mission since January this year, the monthly turnover of 5 billion 360 million yuan, respectively, 4 billion 510 million yuan, 7 billion 510 million yuan, 8 billion 820 million yuan, 8 billion 630 million yuan. May the U.S. group turnover has been a downward trend, and this is because the United States and the hotel film ticket business by leaps and bounds under the background of the.

it is clear that the rational return of businesses so that the group can not buy the site as soon as possible to enjoy the market dividend brought about by the growth. To know the price is the only proper course to take to maintain the user sticky group purchase website, platform for consumers, always the most sensitive are >