Xiangeqing into the cable TV market will exceed millet Meng Kaifang rhetoric

original title: xiangeqing on radio and television network Kaifang super Meng rhetoric will millet

July 29th, chairman Meng Kai mouth "long silence" xiangeqing (002306.SZ) finally showed the restructuring of the drawings.

company announcement, xiangeqing will undertake Anhui province family intelligent cable cloud terminal exclusive investment in construction work, covering 5 million users, the total planned investment of 15-25 billion yuan. At the same time, xiangeqing to Institute of computing under the branch DNT Technology Co. Ltd. to increase 50 million yuan, accounting for 45% stake in the Target Corp.

"I promised will be stripped xiangeqing catering industry, so the collaboration basically and what kind of backdoor no two." For the upcoming renamed branch cloud network xiangeqing, Meng Kai is full of expectations, the outside world that we are doing big data play concept, but I believe that the upgrading of radio and television network, would be equivalent to broadcasting with nuclear weapons."

according to the plan, Anhui province completed a two-way transformation of 5 million cable television subscribers will be before the end of 2016, for new terminal xiangeqing provided free of charge. The new terminal will be able to achieve digital TV set-top boxes, wireless routers and other multiple functions, then the user needs only through this single entry, you can achieve all the features of access to the internet.

‘s joint division DNT, xiangeqing has bigger plans. Deputy director of the Institute of computing, said: "Sui Xueqing legal branch DNT DNT is a big data industry platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we used largely to serve national needs, many businesses are exclusive."

in the conversation, Meng Kai and Sui Xueqing are only mentioned in section cloud network, obviously, xiangeqing Meng Kai has been unable to carry the dream.

into the cable TV market

in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interview, Meng Kai said that from the beginning of this year’s cooperation with Shandong in June 12th, you should be able to clearly see what we want to do. Of course, due to the radio and television system reasons, the progress of the work slower".

since June, a series of actions xiangeqing is already showing clues. In June 12th, the company and Shandong Radio New Media signed a cooperation agreement; in July 9th, xiangeqing the establishment of the Shenzhen cat new media company, the cloud terminal hardware ready, and incorporated a part of the Nora company jioubu; and in July 29th, in collaboration with the Institute of computing to provide support for large data services.

came to Anhui, Shandong and other provinces of the cable TV market, is the ultimate goal of Meng kai.

according to the plan, Anhui province currently has about 5 million cable TV users to complete the two-way network transformation, xiangeqing will provide new set-top box device, the so-called cloud terminal". Through this device, users can achieve similar to the set-top box digital TV function, but also as a router, through the WI