After the electricity supplier in the era of home appliance manufacturing rose or sink

as these days North once again been shrouded in haze sky, home appliance manufacturing industry in the era of electricity providers are gray. On the one hand, counterfeit and infringing goods, "cry up wine and sell vinegar" garbage commodity network is rampant, low and weaken the "quality" and China manufacturing level; on the other hand, from the previous panic buying sheep milk to the nearest toilet cover, the rise of overseas purchasing, panic buying, consumers are keen on foreign goods with the Chinese manufacturing, constantly push the face.


What the

manufacturing Chinese missing? River tide, Nishajuxia after the era of electricity providers, one side is the commercial prosperity, shopping Carnival a miracle, China side is home appliance manufacturing industry is experiencing the war of fakes, lack of credibility of the pain, what is the use of the Internet or lost in the east wind rise directly to a high position under the haze, the direction?

Chinese appliance "Rainbow Night"

as everyone knows, in recent years, home appliance manufacturing industry downturn, affected by the global economic downturn and real estate downturn environment, the domestic appliance industry overcapacity, inventory, export growth stagnation, the domestic market is dismal sales, home appliance industry sales were "frozen". In contrast, China "shopping spree army" sweeping the world, from the beginning of the luxury goods, to large appliances to the current electric cooker, toilet and other small appliances, is suffering from the Chinese people "berserk".

so "ice" and "fire", pole and pole contrast, people can not help but doubt. Arguably, we have Haier these internationally renowned brands, products, technology is world-class, and electric cooker and lid is not complex, why consumers have to go abroad to buy? The reason is that Chinese consumer demand has been quietly upgrading, but the "China manufacturing" have failed to achieve the upgrading.

With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for home appliances of the rich domestic consumers has also undergone profound changes in

. They ask for higher quality, more personalized features, more intelligent experience. But domestic appliance manufacturers are still in the "price war" stage, coupled with the rampant fakes, copycat, difficult to meet consumer these requirements, consumers can only turn to the overseas market, through a variety of ways, overseas shopping.

face the dilemma of the home appliance industry, the state has made a series of policies and strategies, such as supply side structural reform. The so-called supply side structural reforms, conceptually, from improving supply quality, promote structural adjustment by way of reform, the correction factor allocation distortion, expand the effective supply, improve the supply structure of the changing needs of adaptability and flexibility, improve the total factor productivity, to better meet the needs of the masses, and promote the sustained and healthy development economy and society. And this is precisely the key to the Chinese manufacturing to create the upgrade of china. It can be said that the supply side structural reform provides guidance for the future development of China’s manufacturing industry.

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