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1 Chinese investors are "buying" Internet domain name  

.Com rich, almost everyone has heard the term. If you registered the domain name 20 years ago, then you may not need any mortgage in your life

that was 20 years ago. However, in China, the domain name trading just started a few years ago, is currently very hot.

China has the world’s richest people, but for the Chinese, how to invest in these assets (especially overseas investment) has long been a challenge. Due to the existence of such demand, China has had a variety of investment fever. Some investment opportunities bring good returns, while other investment opportunities, such as bitcoin, can not sustain the growth of wealth.

so, if you find a digital asset, the asset tax, rare, portable, the market already exists, then you will see the value of the assets soaring.

2 where the network was a large number of short investors doubt the management team loyalty  

recently, the stock market in the concept of marriage story hanging the appetite of investors. However, after the "sweet" or "distressed", once again shrouded in clouds short takes stock market.

announced after the merger with Ctrip, where the network’s share price rose by more than 10% in the short term, but then began to slow down. More dangerous is that a large number of short investors began to short the stock. Bloomberg and Markit jointly compiled data show that last week where the number of shares was short of the stock market accounted for more than 1/5 of the company’s outstanding shares, the company hit a record price ratio since the listing.

in accordance with the previous share exchange agreement, Baidu will have passed before completion of the transaction where the network of class a common stock and class B common shares of Ctrip into additional ordinary shares, stock replacement ratio of the deal is every where the network of American depositary receipts can be converted into Ctrip 0.725 American depositary receipts, after the merger Ctrip where the network will have 45% of the total voting shares, Baidu will have about 25% of ctrip. In fact, where the relationship between the network and Ctrip management team was tense. In June this year, where the network CEO Zhuang Chenchao has refused to accept the offer from ctrip. Some analysts said that after the merger of investors where the network management team began to doubt the loyalty, which of course, will affect the growth of the company.

3 news barrage site Bilibili investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan valuation by Tencent  


November 9th news, according to media reports, the barrage site Bilibili has completed a new round of financing, investment by Tencent. This round of financing, Tencent Bilibili valuation has reached 1 billion 500 million yuan.