Application store domain name into the focus of the market to expand

along with the continuous expansion of the Internet, the scope of investment in the domain name investment market is also more and more widely. Previously, the major portals have aimed at the emerging field of small, or buy a micro-blog related domain name registration or will launch its own micro-blog business, wireless applications become a new domain name investment market. Recently, a number of domestic listed companies will focus on the domain name strategy, at a high price to acquire a series of stock code domain name, IT listed stock code domain names become popular. Recently, a large number of domestic large enterprises to acquire the application store related domain names and then have been enabled, the direction of the application store domain name investors become the focus of attention.

application store has been on the line in the field will become the focus of domain name investment

from the angle of the enterprise, and the enterprise trademark related domain name is the best number of numbers in the Internet business". Enterprises to shop on the Internet, the domain name will be selected and corporate trademarks related, on the one hand, not only to facilitate the memory of the majority of users, on the one hand more easily promote the enterprise. So, companies to enter the Internet to the domain name as the primary key breakthrough, many enterprises reported only purchased the relevant domain name trademark.

China Mobile application store on August last year, formally launched, and use the domain name, its domain name is mobile market". After this, China Telecom followed the launch of the mobile phone application store Tianyi space, and enable domain name With the two well-known mobile communications operators online applications online, many related businesses have begun to purchase the domain name, the domain name for the application store to seize the initiative.

Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. recently acquired to the domestic domain name investor app store related CN domain name Some people speculate that the purchase price of the domain name should be more than 5 digits. Samsung app store and other related domain name has been successful in the early Samsung Corp income capsule.

recently, with Le Phone and other mobile internet terminal release, App Store Lenovo and Lenovo development community launched in 19 days this month, enabling domain and related domain two. According to the inquiry, Lenovo app store another domain name also holds for lenovo. Another related domain name is still under review. I guess, the domain name is likely to be the registered domain name investors.

from the above cases, we found that these domain names seem to have a common character, are trademarks related to the company’s Pinyin or digital plus shopping malls, stores and other English words or abbreviations. For example, China Mobile enabled the domain name, the domain name "m" may be the removal of "M-Zone M-ZONE" in "m", market >