The 13 year old BT site suddenly shut down it is difficult to search the seeds

BI Chinese station on August 5th reported

BT one of the world’s largest Torrentz website suddenly closed today.

Torrentz help users search BT seed file. The site has ceased operations, the notice shows: Torrentz always love you. Goodbye."

the site was founded in 2003. With many other BT sites, such as the Pirate Bay, Torrentz itself does not save any seed file, but a "meta search engine", i.e. the other search engines search, users want to find the information.

TorrentFreak website reported that Torrentz is the world’s largest BT seed meta search engine.

is currently visiting the Torrentz site can be seen at the bottom of the pop-up information to inform visitors, Torrentz was a free, fast, powerful meta search engine, aggregation of dozens of search engine results".

if you try to search, or click on the link, then it will become another message: "Torrentz always love you. Goodbye."

BT is a simple means of file sharing. As long as the user download a small seed file, you can get the original file. Many people point out that BT is used to encourage piracy, but BT technology has many legitimate uses.

has a 13 year history of the site, Torrentz closed suddenly. Prior to this, the world’s largest BT site KickassTorrents has also been closed, and the site alleged owner was arrested. Torrentz is not free to keep the seed file, but the site operators may also feel the pressure.

Torrentz owner told TorrentFreak that it would not comment on the closure of the site. (compile / Li Wei)