Copy capital Durex Taobao 11 double pinch results

as the advertising and marketing sector a carry handle, @ Durex micro-blog official copy has been praised netizens. A double 11 coming late, Durex made a teaser poster, said "at the moment, the only way to" stop her shopping, below is a Durex condom, over time is 11:59".


so connotation of the copy attracted users praise, not only to resonate with the majority of men, but also secretly promoted a: Double 11 want to spend less, or OOXX cost-effective ah.


the ad came out, @ the official Taobao micro-blog Kanbuxiaqu, said: "I’m afraid innuendo…… You can’t stop for a few minutes".


mouth does not let, retorted: "this diamond ring nirvana, I will tell you?", Taobao: "diamond ring was set up in the shopping cart


this time, Durex resorted to "kill", made a picture comments (Taobao administrative micro-blog head), and said: "look at your head"

and Taobao administrative micro-blog no longer silent, the outcome had been… Seems to Durex from here some cheap, really not easy.

two official micro pinch each other, one side of the melon crowd exploded, the following is a popular comment, you feel:


As for the double

11 battlefield, Durex: there is a numerical one, here are spicy chicken..