Why do we need to know the skills of the product manager in the future

the development of the Internet has spawned a lot of new jobs, such as new media operations, UI, UE, etc.. At the same time also changing the definition of traditional jobs, such as product manager, where the product is based on Internet technology products; product operations, but also based on the operation of Internet products. Everything on the Internet under the condition of constant change and expansion, divide the position and responsibilities of the position are constantly refined, but this does not mean that practitioners need the skills and understanding of a domain or immutable and frozen. Instead, it is a higher demand for Internet practitioners.


also need to understand the skills of product manager

first, Internet operators should be different from traditional marketing

people’s initial definition of the operation is to transfer the offline sales online, this thinking may have some truth in the past ten years. Because, at that time the Internet has just started, people are also more aware of the Internet on the surface. Therefore, the precise definition of operation at that time should be the operation.

with the popularity of the Internet, as well as continuous maturity. Internet operations and marketing really need a reasonable separation. Therefore, many companies in the design of the post, the market will be placed in the whole operating department below, and the market has a parallel product operation, content operations, etc.. The reason why such a point, or because the operation is based on more products and users themselves, rather than simply selling. Because the work needs to operate the product, research and development, content, user, interaction and other factors, that is, operators need to know not only how to attract users, but also need to know the product design, research and development process.

second, traffic is monopoly, the future breakthrough is the product

any one of the products in the Internet is the need for the user, the difference is only in the user’s positioning is not the same. But mention the user need to flow, a flow that is mentioned every product operators headache. With the increasing popularity of Internet users or users of the product, its awareness is constantly improving. When the market is similar to the function of the product is not poor, how to allow users to choose your product in many similar products, it is difficult. Now the most popular way is to spend money to buy traffic, subsidies to earn the user, looking at the entire Internet industry, who can fight the fight over the money BTA? I do not know how many start-up companies, is down in the capital strand breaks.

therefore, the future of the operation should be combined with the product, so as to break the limit of traffic. This may not be easy to understand. The first, for example.

, for example, when we develop a product, it is not just the end of the use of functional development is over. Because, as mentioned above, the same use of the function may be more than one of your family. Therefore, the product manager in the design of the product should be combined with the operation of the product, the pull of the new user’s strategy in the actual function of the product >