Analysis of four kinds of creative methods

in many cases, we will hear the customer said, this copy is not enough ‘hit’ or ‘better to have some creativity". Creativity is the abbreviation of the consciousness of creation or innovation. It is a kind of new abstract thinking and behavioral potential derived from the understanding and cognition of the reality. Creativity means fun, fresh, original, it has a higher demand for the creator, the Creator not only need to have the depth of thinking, but also need to have the breadth of knowledge. And creativity, but also a qualified marketing staff must have the quality, is a qualified personnel must have the ability to copy.

in the present, the major brand copy endless, in the smoke of the advertising war, only the eye-catching creative copy to get the favor of consumers, and the brand and product brand in mind. In the short term, the sales of the product may not increase, but in the long run, the brand will exist for a long time in the consumer’s subconscious. So, as a copywriter, how to step by step to seize the spark of thinking, so that sparks and products into a raging fire burning it?

creative means — combination method


combination method refers to the association of different things, the combination of their elements. The combination method is applicable to the image of a strong poster, in addition to the main poster, next to a refined advertising language. This poster is suitable for release in the brand micro-blog, but also suitable for making print ads. Frestech refrigerator had to participate in advertising competition and make a pair of creative posters, this piece of creative posters and give full play to the creative combination method.


this poster will not very coherent, but looks slightly similar to pitaya and goldfish skillfully together, that Frestech refrigerator can make the refrigerator with fruit and seafood do not smell, keep fresh and delicious. From the market demand, this poster may not a simple name "tacky" poster more fit consumer psychology. But the old elements, the new combination of creative methods is still worth learning.

creative means of hyperbole

hyperbole does not mean to brag about the product "highest sales" and "lowest price" "world first", which is not only a very low technical content, but also in violation of advertising law. Hyperbole means "the" first "and other words of transformation, this transformation can be as metaphor, personification, parallelism, or directly with the image expressed by the use of hyperbole, into the strong feelings for the artistic beauty of advertisement, the characteristics of products, distinctive, prominent touching.


This Diet Coke

Pepsi ads on the full interpretation of the low calorie Cola heat low, even low to can let the cat thin mouse drilling cave, and a "low calorie Cola gives you more slimming" is the interpretation of the product features and functions, and picture perfect fit.

By means

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