The first half of 2016 most domestic and foreign companies listed on the death list

capital winter, not only a lot of domestic companies died, foreigners have died a lot of

2016 in the first half of the world’s most entrepreneurial companies death list


the tide receded, who is swimming naked


winter comes too fierce, death will come be caught off guard. In 2016 it passed the half, but on the road of entrepreneurship has been all over the victim. Entrepreneurs who have been spoiled by capital and markets have been exposed in the winter. Even once the scenery of the star of the company, after the wind stopped, also in the winter fell soundless and stirless. "Second articles winter capital series", let us to sort out, in the first half of 2016 on the altar of the domestic and foreign well-known start-up companies.

this winter is cruel.

According to

entrepreneur & I horse; statistical point of view, the first half of this year, the amount of investment and investment in 2015 many institutions compared to the same period and even the emergence of Cut Cliff fall.

investors are becoming cautious. This is certainly nothing new. After all, from the beginning of the second half of last year, a number of active in the investment community philanthropist who has exposed the stingy nature.

market amidst the winds of change. Entrepreneurs who have been spoiled by capital, like riding a roller coaster, suddenly fell from the top to the bottom. Even those stars startups who had "A new force suddenly rises. is no exception.".

Jingwei Chinese founding managing partner Zhang Ying once commented this phenomenon: first, most of the time the company had no reason to get so much money; second, the founder of crisis awareness is not enough, not good cash flow management, the two together is a bane.

and in this secret, we can dig out too many bones, especially in the first half of the market temperature does not rise to fall instead of. The capital of winter comes ferally, but most startups death is silent.

moreover, this trend is not just a product of China’s venture capital industry. Even in Silicon Valley, can not escape. Overseas start-up companies are also facing turbulence. From the decline of the Evernote, to the scandal of Theranos, the former unicorn is no longer scenery, layoffs and project closures are not news.


entrepreneur & I horse; inventory of 2016 since the beginning of a new batch of "fallen startups, and in-depth interviews with the part and founder of the company, as a specific case, trying to pry the former venture star company to survive the winter capital cause.

a moment of heaven, a moment of hell. And in these failed companies, it is not difficult to find that they are almost all in the winter, fall in the pattern and income trapped. The C round of death, is still the majority of start-up companies, can not get rid of the curse.