2007 China’s personal space ranking QQ 51 place

Baidu and Peking University jointly founded the Chinese Search Behavior Research Center released the 2007 China space community (blog) research report. This is the third time that Baidu has released a report on the development trend of China’s space Web sites and user behavior patterns.


report shows that in 2007 the rapid development of community space, access to increase the number of users reached 62.5%, while the QQ space because the absolute priority number of QQ users have China, best in two traffic and access to the user, without losing the top position, but in 2008 will face a strong challenge for 51.com was second, and third the campus network besieged.

at the same time, in the report, analysts also conducted rating on 2007 the major space community website, the QQ space and 51.com received the highest A+ rating, "Star Community"; Baidu space blog and NetEase as a latecomer, the amount of traffic and users are in a rapid growth period was A Sina and Sohu rating; blog blog respectively received only B+ and B ratings, analysts say Sohu blog in 2007 "slow down", "the rapid decline in the Sina blog". Currently, Sina, Sohu blog, only in fifth, the 7, but also in terms of user interaction worse, only listed in the tenth, 12. In addition, as can be seen from the report, the major portals of the blog and space channel has become the most important way to contribute to the flow. One of the most prominent QQ space and NetEase blog, respectively, accounted for 23.9% of its total portal traffic and 18.2%.


report predicts that in 2008, QQ space and 51.com will remain the space community website and overlord, always rely on star and celebrity blog to attract the attention of the Sina blog blog and Sohu will continue to decline, eventually by the NetEase and Baidu space beyond.

brief review of history, 2005 China blog entered the popular first year show explosive growth, a good momentum of development, succession in 2005 2006, Chinese blog continue to maintain high growth. With the maturity of China’s blog industry, the blog industry has begun to mature. At the same time, with the portal to fully enter the market. China blog, blog market stage, pattern began to structural changes. But in 2007, a sudden change in the situation, Sina blog, blog Sohu fell back to Baidu space quietly into the battlefield, but the most prominent is a more young people into the site’s line of sight, that is 51.com, perhaps for some of us, 51.com is a strange name, but why would suddenly China Internet fame in 2007. First, we can look at an interesting case:

PepsiCo Inc in 2007 2007.06.01 ~ 2007.06.28, a number of joint community platform, the national explosion of Pepsi I create, I want to tank activities. At that time, 51.com, NetEase, zhanzuo, 3G >