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Fuzhou online meal ordering food production dens casually piled

October 1st, the newly revised food safety law to make the network ordering the current transaction clearly stipulates: the third party platform provider should be real name registration of food business operators on the network, the food safety management responsibility; shall obtain the license according to law, also should review its license. However, the implementation of the law for nearly 3 months, still frequent around the shop without a license, "black dens" through the network platform business delivery phenomenon. Vulnerability, why difficult to fill?

hundreds of restaurants without

in recent years, the rapid development of online takeaway market. According to iResearch consulting statistics, in 2014 China’s catering O2O market size of 97 billion 510 million yuan, is expected in 2017 will exceed $200 billion. The popular ordering platform "hungry" for example, now covering more than and 300 city, with over 40 million users, nearly 50 franchised restaurants.

The food safety law revised

, the online trading platform must register on the food network operators, and the review of the license, but reporters found that, without a license, store food production points still exist.

Shanghai city consumer survey and appraisal of Consumer Protection Commission issued a takeaway ordering network before the date of the 100 restaurants 9 popular online ordering platform, only 39 companies announced the identification business license and business license pictures, and only half of them match card. At the same time, the 100 restaurants in 11 only to provide invoices, invoices and actual consumption of unit part of restaurant is not the same.

understand the situation did not dare to eat


reporter also found that many restaurants in Shanghai as complete ordering software, is actually the streets of small workshops, more hiding houses "black dens" for online restaurant OEM, health situation is worrying.

reporter visited a workshop gathered in Fuzhou city streets to see the old houses, all kinds of oil, vegetable washing basin, disc bowl were stacked together, the wall ground is full of oil, sewage crosscurrent houses outside the path. From time to time delivery of electric vehicles from the alley in and out. Nearby residents said, "here, many restaurants have room service network, understand the situation, did not dare to eat nearby."

"as long as you can get a business license and a food and beverage license, how do you make things out of us no matter what." The reporter asked whether can make "private kitchen" at home, find a shop at registration, a well-known platform staff told reporters that "".

now, the speed of the promotion of the major platforms under the line is amazing." Fuzhou market supervision administration department supervisor Wu Jie said that the number of cooperative businesses often change in network takeaway platform, many platforms can increase hundreds of businesses within a week.

ordering platform barbaric growth pains facing

in recent years, the network ordering platform ushered in the "surge" development. However.