College students webmaster your soft Wen level in the end how

stayed up all night yesterday. Busy with the preparation of 2008 college students grassroots webmaster annual meeting, but also want to upgrade the work of a civilian emperor of the process. In fact, very early on the university student network has such a plan to review the 06 years of their own university of Zhangqiu city network design contest, I feel really can learn a lot through the exchange. 07 years of the Tang Dynasty and the shortage of land, and seriously think about what they really want to do in the past 08 years, as a college student’s identity to engage in an activity.

do not know the way the majority of the webmaster website profit how many people will say to do Google, Ali mother’s advertising, more people from the cause of more than. As a company name, no organization of individual owners, with own enthusiasm to sit in the office of the company on site of the business, there seems to be little consistent pace. More bosses are asking: how can I trust you? How do you convince me that you have the ability?

is always in good faith to get along with people is the theme in this change unpredictably network life, who will come up with their own real things? For example, there are several QQ net is your real name? People are hypocritical after camouflage, the virtual community is a hazy veil.

at this time, never before the knife behind the hackers who started the opposite way. With what others say carefully, as if it were raining flowers, it is their own propaganda, it seems that this is soft.

some people say, soft Wen is the webmaster of the second survival, especially see its role. In fact, the best attack is not to take their own strengths contrast opponents weaknesses, should take their own weaknesses to your opponent’s strengths have injured all over the body.

Shandong SEO Bai Bing, yesterday chatted for a while, from the SEO circle towards the direction of network marketing seems to move, from his intention in the see in the process of establishing to expand their team, some of the lack of professional writers will undoubtedly become a weakness.


team and improve the network writers level, seems like an invisible sword, formlessness.

actually think like this, as college students, they should consider their soft market. In the fun of CMS and template, not to vent site hard nagging, nor hair tips some website maintenance. Should be to their own rational sublimation. Let yourself be soft, there is an old saying in China: to the fragile, to the soft Zhigang.


also tentatively counted as a soft Wen College Station Network, the level of stock.