A new borrow arrows with thatched boats website promotion method

often come to visit this site, see that we made a lot of websites to promote the article, I think I can not be too selfish, and good things should be taken out to share is ah. Recently again read "Three Kingdoms", among many methods of website promotion, suddenly thought of a kind of novelty, website promotion method and very useful, don’t laugh at me, this is like "old Mr. Kongming" theory. But this still needs to be done to promote the people have a certain technology caixing. The methods are as follows:

1, they have to have a website, which is the promotion of the target.

2, make yourself a good, no matter how big or small, as long as they feel they need other people also need a small program, for example, I do one of them, QQ imitation wall program, home address: http://s.www.clubf.cn

demo is as follows: http://s.aiqiang.clubf.cn

download address: http://s.vip2.activeclub.net/script/forum/view.asp? Article_id=15107949

you feel good, or you need it at any time, but must retain the copyright or the station station link, and at this station, always pay attention to upgrade notice.

3, is to do their own procedures, issued to each big download station, the site address written on it, do not have to download it, then flow and IP will naturally come, is not.

note: to be in the future, the timing of the new to provide you with a new upgrade program to attract repeat customers, so that they always pay close attention to their own, pay attention to their own station.


1, you can promote their website visibility.

2, you can bring their own web site 1+1 greater than 2, or even greater than the flow of 4, because other people use your program, you want to keep your copyright information. I have just sent the program on the major download stations, five days, the maximum IP reached 2000.


3, it is your ability to appear, may be because of this and make a lot of like-minded friends.

summary: This is to look at the Three Kingdoms, with the "Kongming" borrow "fog" time to think of the arrow, which tells us that as long as we are careful, pay attention to all knowledge.