A workaholic spirit for entrepreneurial experience

from the beginning of last year, is to start to join the tide of entrepreneurship, during a few times to do poineering work, there have been a lot of sentiment, but also a deeper understanding of how to go the road of entrepreneurship.


in the eyes of many people, entrepreneurship is not a good idea to save a group of the right people, at the end of the project is made, this understanding does in a sense there is no problem, but understanding discovered, there are many places that need attention. To outsiders, in the process of entrepreneurship, I often is a workaholic that he kept moving forward. With the start of the project because of a variety of reasons for the suspension, let me have time to think about "entrepreneurship" this thing. I also hope that I can bring some help to you.

After careful consideration and combing

, I think before starting the business, we must do a few things: set the idea, set the direction, do research, planning, find a team, equity, looking for funds. Details are as follows:

1, the idea of

here is the idea of why you want to start a business, how to venture, and what to create. Feng Lun said: entrepreneurship is not a thing, it is not the industry, is the choice of life. Entrepreneurship is a very different kind of life. If you want to choose a special life, then choose to start a business. If you want to select a firm and secure live life, then do not go into business. You have to understand the reasons for your real business, rather than feel that they should start a business, this self righteous mentality is likely to harm themselves.


for how to go to business, but also need to have a clear idea, in fact, is that you want to work with others, or their own leading to do something. For this piece, I sum up and a big brother a "handsome soldier" theory: everyone because of personality, ability, experience and so on many dimension considerations, basically know that he is not as handsome (CEO), (the head) or a soldier (normal position).

a start-up company in the initial stage, most need to clear what they want to do. CEO is responsible for setting goals and making strategic arrangements. Change to the individual, can ask yourself: what are your goals? What are its goals and objectives? If from the perspective of their own do not answer the question, it would prove that you lack of the ability to act as a CEO, according to each different target, can make the corresponding strategies and plans, this is the entrepreneurial company Shuai (CEO) work. My location of CEO is: find the money, looking for people to find the direction. Three words seem very short answer, in fact, there are a lot of things need to master.


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