Why network marketing needs the overall solution

network marketing is a systems engineering, the need for a system view and the overall idea of the network marketing. Some companies that do a beautiful corporate website, and the volume is good, that is, network marketing, some companies do not think that Baidu or Google promotion is the network marketing. Web marketing is not so simple, we need to put forward the overall solution.

solutions can be understood from two aspects, on the one hand, from the network marketing solution itself, network marketing is not only the construction of the beautiful corporate website or for the promotion of search engine, but need to be enterprise website, search engine, industry website, blog, instant messaging, e-mail and other platforms the combination of tools and systems, play the effect; on the other hand, from the enterprise overall, the implementation of network marketing project is an improvement and upgrade of the traditional enterprise marketing, so to change the company’s organizational structure, personnel allocation, management mode, business process etc..

to the enterprise, in order to really make the network marketing play a role, will need all kinds of promotion methods (such as enterprise website, search engine, blog, community, forum, industry website, third party e-commerce platform, SNS), as well as online customer communication and customer service tools (such as web business software, instant messaging tools, e-mail, network robot etc.) closely together through network marketing, customer communication and customer service to establish the enterprise network brand, achieve the marketing objective. The selection and collocation of the promotion methods should be based on the characteristics of the industry, staffing, marketing objectives, marketing awareness, etc.. For example, through the release of information in the enterprise network marketing blog and BBS and industry website, can increase the high quality of the external links for the enterprise website, so as to improve the enterprise website in search engine ranking and performance. The information released on these platforms can also be found by potential customers through search engines to increase the probability of exposure of the enterprise marketing information on the network, the establishment of the network brand has played a very good role in promoting. Carried out the above promotion, attracting visitors, if not communicate with visitors, visitors do not track and analysis, then the promotion of the previous did not play any substantive effect. So in the network promotion, we need to use the website business, instant messaging, e-mail, Internet message boards and other online communication tools to communicate with potential customers, understand their needs, so visitors into real customers.


network marketing project in addition to network promotion, online communication and visitor tracking and return to the visitors, rely on one or several promotion methods can not play a real role in network marketing, must put forward personalized solutions according to the marketing situation of the enterprise, so the enterprise investment really will value.

After the implementation of the overall solution of

network marketing, it will have a transformative impact on the enterprise as a whole