Analysis of the site’s user experience

website development experience is becoming increasingly important, the use of any optimization method and Optimization Based on the user experience can not leave. CMS website user experience is the hope visitors can browse pages, stay for a long time, will often visit to the site within the same, but the mall site cannot be considered the mall site, sales is the fundamental, the user experience degrees standards and the transformation of daily sales when. With the volume of sales will be able to show that the user experience is successful.

mall site in the industry according to the different user experience degree is different, such as mobile phone communication city this website mainly by selling mobile phone, the customer is the most personal, a person using a mobile phone for at least six months or more, that is to say the experience of the user again, it is only to buy your mobile phone again in the second half so, this type of the user experience of the website should be how to adjust it, my idea is to focus on application.

What is the application of

? Maintenance of mobile phone mobile phone use, mobile phone design skills and so on are the scope of application, so the application is a kind of mobile phone customer service maintenance work, a supplement of the mobile phone customer service. Site use to improve the site’s user experience and browsing. Users through the application of the experience of the degree of satisfaction, thus bringing another effect for the site, the word of mouth effect. A kind of word of mouth is the user’s experience of good, good user reputation is priceless publicity.


standards users reputation is the mall type site running, the site in operation at the same time a good reputation in the user site for inheritance there, bring fresh blood and new user groups, which website has new potential consumer groups, the reputation of the users in the inheritance in the gradient of a habit, good the word became a new standard of user experience.

word of mouth heritage can bring some loyal customers, because these customers are with a good sense of trust to the site. Of course, only such a sense of trust is not enough, only these loyal customers for the long-term development of the site is not enough strength, so that both naturally returned to the main body of the site – the site content.

site must adhere to a good content direction, the new content to keep these loyal customers around the site firmly. Web site development is inseparable from the search engine, and these new content can be through the search engine for the site to bring more visitors and potential customers. The update speed of the website content and the update speed of the website content in the same industry website determine another direction of the user experience. This is like a river bridge to connect the traffic between the people on both sides, only through the economy will be active, living standards will improve. User experience is the site of a bridge, the customer and the business together. The content of the website is the bridge material, users looking for their own products by constantly updated product information and application of the article, looking for the solution to the problem, the user experience is naturally maintained in high value standard.

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