Teach you how to write a copy of sales turnover

has been playing a lot of friends to think about a problem. Why does my website flow so high do not transform? Why do I send ad every day also nobody buys?…… A word is white, you do not make money. No matter what you do marketing, as long as you learn this trick can make your sales turn over a hundred times.

1 attracts eyeball

2 Analysis of pain

3 sell good

4 professional certification

5 case witness

6 premium premium

7 limit temptation

first step: attract eyeball

no matter what you are selling products or services, the first is to attract people, only to attract you to have the opportunity to sell. So how can we attract people? This must be based on the industry’s target population, and most of them can be used to attract good headlines and pictures.

second step: analysis of pain

analyze some of the pain in your target population and make it resonate with people who think you know them well. Only the resonance can make your potential users to increase your trust, so as to further understand. If you can, you can even exaggerate the extent of pain.

third step: sell benefits

whether you are selling products or services, in fact, is just a tool, people are selfish, regardless of the customer purchase any products or services, or only want to mind their own interests. So you have to think about what benefits you can provide to your customers, why do people want to buy your products and services?

fourth step: professional certification

if you put in front of the three step to achieve a seamless heavenly robe. But there will always be some people in doubt, doubt whether it is true and effective. If this time you can put some professional things out, in order to better convince potential customers. For example, the identification of some experts, or authoritative reports, etc..

fifth step: case witness

put some cases in the past have been thrown out to further resolve the potential customer concerns, only a professional proof may not be enough. So we can use the past cases to guide them. Common are: Taobao, WeChat, the use of contrast before and after the map, etc..

sixth step: premium gifts

the use of human greed, we can properly use some gifts to stimulate potential users. Of course, your gift must be associated with your product or service, and can be exaggerated to mark its value. For example: now you can buy a gift worth XXX yuan XX gift.

The seventh step:

limit temptation