Build a successful micro blog 8 elements

with the increasing popularity of micro-blog, has become an essential tool for today’s network communication. Now most users of the micro-blog platform are in the earliest introduction of micro-blog Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent rely on Tencent QQ users catch up from behind. Micro-blog marketing this word has gradually entered the business of businesses. There is no denying that doing a good marketing on micro-blog is to increase their brand awareness and influence, have a good effect. Friendly use of micro-blog, both to promote and consolidate their own brands, compared to other marketing channels, the cost of micro-blog marketing is very small. But micro-blog marketing also has its own shortcomings, the drawback is that the information is updated too fast and each micro-blog 140 words less information. Want to do a micro-blog, you need to spend a lot of thought.

the growth of social networks, in the past few years, micro-blog has become an indispensable platform for network communication of people today, I believe the next few years, micro-blog will own the main stream flow in the network. Next I will share with you how to build a successful micro-blog 8 elements. Micro-blog to become our partners, to promote and consolidate our (personal or business) brand.

Optimization of

1 content. Micro-blog’s content is the basis of micro-blog, micro-blog marketing is to write high-quality products to bind their own products or brands to attract fans to respond to concerns. Therefore, micro-blog’s "personality" is very important. A "personality" of micro-blog, in order to stand out in numerous micro-blog, attract people’s attention. Micro-blog’s content optimization is on the establishment of personality and brand related content.

2. SEO optimization. Micro-blog also needs SEO, micro-blog also has search capabilities. It is similar to the general search engine function, as long as the search through certain keywords, it will find out related to the micro-blog keyword list. Micro-blog’s SEO relative to the site, much simpler. Micro-blog SEO key is to seize the key words. We only need to sum up the search volume of the word, in each section of micro-blog, without affecting the main content of the case. So with the key word of micro-blog have a lot of chance to search. So as to improve the access of micro-blog.

3. Added value shared content. The added value of the shared content is the original content. Adhere to the uniqueness of micro-blog content, is the key to improve the number of fans and return visits.

4. Serious reply – interaction is one of the advantages of micro-blog. Each made of a micro-blog, the user interested will reply comments or forwarding, serious fans, can let the critics have felt attention. To improve the attention of the micro-blog. This is an important channel to cultivate loyal fans.

5. From the audience point of view of their own micro-blog. Empathy, with the perspective of the audience to experience their own micro-blog again. You may find many problems. Some people even if they feel bored, people will like it?

6. Micro-blog’s influence and appeal. Micro-blog promotion