Langya top Mei Long Su’s operation

recently hit a crazy drama catch the audience’s attention, not to mention the name you have guessed, the whole drama around the palace fighting arena court, intrigue, affection and love comprehensively elaborate, sigh, Su Mei Long strategy to point the use of trickery is not as changeable as clouds and rain, we have the work of his hand all the work well, scorched by the flames, so, if the Mei Changsu as a senior Internet practitioners, a product manager or the Internet to operate more appropriate? "The problem for him you will choose which one, if it is me, I would be more inclined to choose the latter.

Mei long in the Soviet Union leader, his hand at any time lakes all Nadechushou Internet marketing channels, while deepening the output, timely update the product content – "Jing Wang", the first not to be optimistic about the Internet product "Jing Wang" to the supreme throne industry, there must be no brushes.

at first, "Wang Jing" and no substantive users want to finally ascended to the throne without the user even a few users is not enough, this time to "adapt" the whole world’s huge user base, we should make every effort to develop early supporters, namely seed users, a key before looking for seeds: users should also focus on product positioning! Clear positioning of their products, the implementation of user portrait, analyzing the needs of users, the Jing Wang adhering to martyrs’ moral, refused to extravagant personality charm and the shortage of rot, Su Mei Long Eye of mercy, will the government concerned about the livelihood of the people, the Ministry of Shen Zhui and his pure patriotism Xingbu Cai Quan training for the first batch of seed users, in addition to the mother and the static Jing Wang is also early advocate, the seed number of users early is not much, but. The force of large seed users during this period both the authority and the production, can the product positioning and reputation to very explosive output, and Everfount to attract early users, for fans of product status.

in early invited users also need to expand continuously do competitive analysis, before or during the early, Jing Wang in addition to utter devotion is a piece of paper, and to the princes and the king’s power very influential for the market and resources is impossible, however, the senior director of operations in Mei Changsu, still not much problem the prince and the king called for competitive analysis, mainly on the following four points:

users – "competing products" (Prince and Yu Wang, the same below) held by the user to the queen, imperial concubine, Jun Hou, six Shang, down to the court placement of the liner; market trends — no doubt, one of the prince and the throne to wind blowing the first known King Emperor, all courtiers choose sides many, however, "competing products" no personality charm and feelings for the state and the people enough, and many users have not pure interests involved, want long-term cooperation is not easy; function design that don’t have much to say, "competing products" won the emperor favour, but also with the powerful layer to maintain absolute right to speak, not as the most the officials can get attached to the product you want the right to property interests; operation promotion strategy — "competitive" general >