n the network marketing plan

quietly to the Internet era so that some companies love and hate. Once part of a little-known company because of Internet fame, won a lot of customers; some people have let big companies big worry, in the loss of customers, fewer customers, especially customer loyalty also started slowly, "betrayal" they do not understand what is going on?

wants to be the reasons for the loss of customers under the single influence of the Internet age, is a hasty decision. The network environment is a macro constraints, brand customers when managers are responsible for the loss when he won’t start, first from the external macro environment factors to find the reason, he will be from the inside analysis, is not new competitors to make their products no longer attractive force, is not the customer’s tastes are change, or not to provide products needs to be adjusted.

traditional business model of customer choice

managers are well aware that the biggest threat to the external network environment changes is that it will provide customers with a wider range of options, more convenient access to information and products. The significance of the transformation of traditional business network is in this.

in the traditional business model, customer loyalty to a brand, in fact, is limited information, limited choice of loyalty, loyalty is quite narrow. The Internet has as an independent media presence before the customer brand choice, is dependent on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor and other traditional media, due to the limitations of time and space, a regional customer in the brand choice, his information collection, evaluation and word-of-mouth influence is limited in in this region of.

regardless of the degree of involvement is low or high degree of involvement of the product, each purchase decision, the customer will always seek the greatest value of a single purchase, the customer is rational, this is no doubt. Even the search for the image and emotion emotional value, thinking process and decision making is also rational, because customers in the analysis, driving a Mercedes Benz may help improve the personal image, make yourself more out of the ordinary sense of honor, he confirmed his logical rational pursuit of emotional value.

customers in the traditional business model to make its optimal choice, this choice is limited to a certain region, a specific time, limited media information and reputation of the impact of rational decision-making. But when the network media strong, gradually began to change the rules of the game, the customer information collection and assessment of habits in the network, and the network is no boundary – boundary, group completely break the space-time boundaries, the world began to flatten, the choice of customers have started up.

The process of this change, with the defection of

loss obviously. It is high in a dwarf, in local, now local barriers to be broken, select the zoom to whole, suddenly, the customer found that the original "high" and "low compared to other brands into a". He decided to change, and this change is precisely because of the Internet