What did Snowden and Twitter CEO say about the live conversation in an hour last night

The best way for

to crack down on fake news and rumors is not censorship, but more truth.

this is Edward Snowden today at the Twitter live software Periscope to accept the interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dossi said. And this sentence, is also considered to be the highlight of 1 hours live broadcast.


this is not a hero Snowden, of course, may also be known as the traitor, Snowden, the first time to do open remote connection. From 2013, Snowden disclosure prism door event has been in the past three years, but the personal privacy and public security issues raised by him before the CIA engineer is still not over. Because of his special identity is still in "escape", he was still sitting on the screen to the other end of the west can only answer questions, and to publicly accept questions like this also is the first time.

Snowden is wearing a black jacket, still with a gentle glasses, looked at more than the last show thin. He sat in front of the camera, and the Silicon Valley in the United States, Jack Dossi conducted an hour long conversation.


can say that the next forty days for Snowden, who is only 33 years old, is the deadline.

if he wants to get Obama and Dorsey, including amnesty, his supporters in January 20th next year before Trump must fix it all. On a web page that supports Snowden’s proposal, supporters wrote:

"Snowden is supposed to be a hero. Instead of being exiled to Russia, or as a war criminals were imprisoned for decades."

publicly endorsed this view in the west, including the apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, founder of Kicstarter Perry Chen, and former U.S. and European officials present a number of government officials. Of course, there are a lot of journalists.

they are anxious than ever before, after all next year in mid January the incoming next president Trump more intolerable "traitors" leaker Snowden’s presence. He has repeatedly reiterated his pardon for Snowden on Twitter.

"whatever you call his name, Snowden is a traitor. When our country is strong, do you know what we should do with this traitor? "


Although most people think outside the

"Trump took office" will let Snowden feel despair, will become the main content of the broadcast, but Snowden just casually said: "I didn’t make a decision because I don’t feel comfortable. I know I did the right thing. >