They may not be engaged in illegal activities when people visit the dark network

was arrested in 2013, behind the black market shopping site Silk Road, many people are aware of the dark network for the first time. It is a search engine can not search, the general browser can not access the black zone.

‘s dark web is full of criminal acts, such as selling illegal drugs, selling personal data, spreading child pornography, and even hiring killers. Because of the media coverage of such content, people’s impression of the dark network is basically negative. However, according to a study by Terbium Labs, the dark web is not all illegal. When people access the dark network through Tor (onion routing), they may also be doing legitimate things.


(picture from Nextweb)

According to Atlantic website reported that in August of this year, Terbium Labs analysis of the dark network

. Through the web crawler, it randomly collected 400 sites of information, and in accordance with the function and content of the classification. As a result, illegal sites do not exceed 50%, the rest of the content is legal.

these legitimate sites include social networking sites such as Facebook, the site of the company and the political team, and forums on issues such as communication technology, games, privacy, etc.. At the same time, as the Internet accessible to the masses, the dark network also includes a large number of legitimate porn sites.

"anonymity is not equivalent to crime, just a need for privacy," Terbium Labs report said. Of course, there is a lot of illegal content in the dark network. The survey found that more than 15% of the sites were selling drugs or illegal drugs, some of which included cyber attacks, fraud, illegal pornography or terrorism.


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because of the secrecy of the dark network, Terbium’s research is quite limited. In addition, the dark network changes quickly, many sites may exist only a short time. Therefore, Terbium is only a small part of the dark network detection, and researchers can not determine the source of traffic to these sites. Access to the dark network may be a network of robots, criminal investigation of law enforcement officers, and even hackers to launch cyber attacks.

from the Internet as a whole, Terbium survey of the dark network is tiny. Only 2% of Tor traffic is used to access the dark network. When using Tor, many people are not in order to access the dark network, but to protect their privacy.