Chinese domain in July began to enable some well known enterprises registered by Stephen

in July, the Chinese domain name (ie, China) will be written into the global root domain name system, then the global Internet users can enter the domain name by entering the relevant website. The domain name Chinese opened soon, but reporters recently found that some well-known enterprises in Quanzhou Chinese domain has been registered.

domain name has been registered in

is not enabled

it is understood that the Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) announced at the end of April, simplified ". Chinese" domain name international application has been through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (I-CANN) review. This also means that after July, the global Internet users can enter the Chinese domain name access to the internet. However Chinese domain is not yet officially opened, some well-known enterprises in Quanzhou has been registered by the domain name Chinese.

yesterday, the reporter logged in China Internet Network Information Center website, in the home page of the relevant city of Chinese domain name application. The reporter inquires the 20 listed companies, I found that the majority of listed companies have the Chinese domain name has been registered.

in addition, the reporter found that in addition to Chunsheng hall, part of the Quanzhou time-honored has been registered. The operator Chunsheng hall on 2005 registered for a period of 10 years in Tang Chinese domain.

registration fee of only a few hundred dollars

registration of a Chinese domain name is 320 yuan, while the registration of an English domain name is only $118." The staff of Quanzhou a domain name agency Xiao Xu told reporters, Quanzhou has hundreds of domain name agencies, individuals or enterprises to register the domain name, the domain name is usually commissioned by the agency for the domain name, the role of agency as a real estate intermediary, from the current point of view, the domain name English than domain name market still bullish.

Xiao Xu told reporters, in addition to the individual, many agencies are also involved in the domain name, domain name registration business. After all, many people are optimistic about the domain name of the appreciation of space, so early registered domain names, wait for the right price to sell. For example, the maintenance of a Chinese domain up to a year to spend thousands of yuan, once the company came to the door, the price could turn over tens or hundreds of times, such as the recent Xiamen one enterprise, on the price of 120 thousand yuan to buy back the successful enterprise Chinese domain name registered by others, the total cost of only 3000 registered yuan.

Some enterprises do not care about

Stephen was registered by

I, a shoe person in charge said coldly, Chinese domain name was registered had little effect on them, they are mainly engaged in footwear exports, while foreigners will not play Chinese words, as long as they will English enterprise web site for foreign customers, customers can search their website to browse product information. Then the reporter a telephone interview with a number of companies, the majority of business operators on the domain name was registered that does not care.

Chinese domain name registration fee is not high, but if you buy from someone else may have to spend a lot of money. A Chinese domain name registration ten years need about $3000, but after 10 years, it may cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, but also