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blog, also called Web log, is a kind of website that is usually managed by individuals, and does not post new articles regularly. A typical blog combines text, images, links to other blogs or websites, and other media related to the subject. Since 2000, Chinese blog Godfather Fang Xingdong introduced the blog to China now, to write a blog or browse other people’s blog has become a habit of Internet users. There are a lot of people, because of the blog and become famous. The blog marketing is the use of blog network applications such as the form of network marketing tools. Companies, enterprises or individuals to use this blog network interactive platform, the relevant survey and information release and update enterprises, companies or individuals, and pay close attention to and respond to customers on the platform for the enterprise or individual related questions and advice, and zero cost of search engine is a front row to help enterprises or companies through strong blogging platform in order to achieve the purpose of publicity and marketing.

There are many characteristics of

blog marketing, the sum of the following points: 1. General blog readers, are the main theme of the blog or blog. According to the reader’s interest to make precise positioning. Two; blog marketing cost is low. Now the major sites have their own blog platform, if you want to blog to marketing products or individuals, as long as the site can be used for free. Even if it is to do an independent domain name blog as long as the cost of some domain names and space, the overall cost is not high. Blog marketing also has many advantages. Such as: a high degree of segmentation, accurate advertising positioning. General personal blog has a personalized classification attributes, often only for a specific group of people. Strong interactive communication, good word-of-mouth effect. In particular, Bo, easy to guide public opinion, influence is also large. At the same time, it is also conducive to long-term interests and cultivate loyal users. Use of word-of-mouth marketing strategy, encouraging early adopters to recommend products to others, and persuade others to buy products. Finally, with the increase in the number of satisfied customers will be more "information planter", "opinion leaders", enterprises to win a good reputation, long-term interests will be guaranteed.

blog marketing generally have the following forms.

1; business owners themselves through blogging, establish a corporate image.

2; through the enterprise staff through the blog, to promote enterprise or enterprise products.

3; corporate blog, show their own culture.

4; invite celebrities, or consumers to write. Set up the enterprise brand through the celebrity or the consumer.

blog marketing is also very skilled. First of all, the location of the blog is very important, can not be their own or corporate blog as a platform for advertising, blindly advertising is to attract a large number of readers. Content, it is best to be original, can cause controversy. Can write some news value or can bring to the reader can help. The pursuit of blog content at the same time, don’t let your blog is boring to read. The same > be sleepy straws.