How to use FLASH to do the promotion of happy farm

happy farm is a special fire of a network FLASH game. Almost become a trend, so that countries should explicitly ban, stealing money stolen, called zhaicai. Which shows the influence of large, and in addition to the happy network to steal food, now QQ happy farm, is the largest number, how to do promotion in the happy farm, I pictured for everyone to see:


these words, can be replaced by our target keywords.


look at this site, if I want to promote the site, then, we set up in the FLASH game into their target url. This is not to give yourself a publicity. And then through the QQ farm to view the message and found that there are still a lot of people every day to steal, but they steal every time, do not give them a publicity once?

now let’s look at the effect:


similar to the current FLASH games have similar or related settings, as long as the set is good, can be used to promote the.

source: if reproduced please retain this trip.