How not to waste site traffic website do a good job of the two marketing program

How to do network marketing

website, now the biggest problem is traffic more and more difficult, more expensive, and is the cost of network marketing is more and more high, the conversion rate is not significantly improved. Only rely on the traditional way of marketing, the effect is poor, slow effect, it is difficult to effectively integrate a variety of marketing methods, resulting in a waste of cost. Relying on the third party marketing platform, the cost is out of control at the same time, it is difficult to ensure a better effect, sometimes even counterproductive, cheating by some third party marketing platform with excessive publicity stunt, The loss outweighs the gain. Today’s network marketing has been out of the previous era to win the number, instead of how to control the cost to the minimum, to achieve better results.

want to do a good job in network marketing, the station’s data analysis and management is particularly important. Do a good job in the station marketing, and the user to do a good job, you can improve the user viscosity and site conversion rate, indirectly improve the flow of the site, bringing the reputation of the brand or even traffic growth. Although many sites, especially the electricity supplier industry class website hopes to analyze the data through the site and mining, the content of information to optimize the recommendations to strengthen customer relationship management. However, it is often limited by the limited data in the hand, the way of data mining is not scientific enough, and the results are not good. Today, the Internet has entered the era of big data, site data mining also means that the success of the two marketing, to avoid the flow and loss of users and waste. Here we will introduce several two marketing programs.

use CRM management system combing customer data

now on the market CRM management software brand, the charges are not the same. But as long as the choice of a suitable for their own CRM software, and to make reasonable use, can receive the desired effect. The use of CRM software, can quickly and effectively customer data warehousing, effective classification, accurate recording of each data. Tap each information that is worth using in customer data. For example, a B2B platform can make use of CRM software, the daily order storage, your customer site is what type of transaction, the amount of money, how much is the customer contact, can quickly form a valuable information base. Each month, each quarter can guide the data out, which customers are more important, which customers do not have much value at a glance. Rational use of CRM software to obtain user data, you can improve the customer’s two or even multiple utilization, will change the past, the customer will not have the value of cooperation.

use visitors QQ statistical tools to do the two marketing

if you visit the site of each user’s QQ can be counted, the value of how much can you believe that every webmaster and enterprise can understand the value behind?. At present, the Internet has begun to visit the QQ statistics software, effective statistical visitors QQ, two marketing. Take crazy 3QQ visitor statistics (, for example, the site is only added in the page >