Pain and happy website promotion road

just graduated from school, passionate I have no matter what have great hope, very simple think they can find a good job. But the reality is not what I imagined. After several twists and turns, finally found a hard won job. Responsible for the promotion of a website, and finally is to catch up with their own professional point of view, because I was learning e-commerce, just where I was in the global auto parts network is an e-commerce trading platform.

then determined to do a good job, seriously study. To develop a website must first make the website traffic up, then began to use the most traditional methods: first to search on the net to do some auto parts manufacturers contact telephone number, find good after a call to persuade them to register, can be said that this is the so-called telephone marketing. But the effect is another I am greatly disappointed, they are not in favor of other things, he said no interest in this sense, the pain of rejection greatly blow my confidence. But what makes me happy is that I learned how to communicate with customers by telephone. This method is not feasible for me to have to change the other way, no way out of heaven.

second time I began to use QQ to do promotion. Go to Baidu search a lot of auto parts category and then join the group to go inside, his heart silently think this should be a little effect. Began in the QQ group crazy how to introduce their own web site, the result is not only no one to me, and a few have been kicked out of the group. Is this method and won’t work? Suddenly one day to see a story is how to do the promotion of the use of QQ group, after watching I see light suddenly in a wrong way, i. QQ group to do with the promotion is also very particular about, not in the group of information, but should go to the group to find everyone and then a single individual to introduce our website. After the trial was really great.

alone is not enough in these ways. Learn to learn from others to learn in the online promotion of the way there are many, many. I started to post in Baidu Post Bar posted on our website, published updated daily articles in various forums, one steam popular space, blog, and others. Links etc.. So long to find this one of the key is the quality of the article. How to use the article to write something to attract the attention of others, so that people click on my site. In short, my site is really the way to promote the pain and happy, I like to walk. I believe that as long as we have that belief in, no way out.

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