Ctrip Ctrip Ctrip cut off the ticket by N 3 compensation

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhou Ke) Guangzhou Daily reporter learned yesterday, Ctrip has recently begun to start the integration of elong, eLong ticket product team became the first object to be cut. Some analysts believe that Ctrip will further shrink elong product line, so that it focused on the hotel business, but in the fierce market competition, to achieve this goal is not easy.

it is reported that Ctrip announced last month that the United States and other investors to buy platinum Tao tao. After the completion of the transaction, Ctrip in Art Dragon Holdings accounted for more than 37.6%, become the largest single shareholder of elong.

informed sources close to the company said yesterday, Ctrip has recently started the integration of elong, eLong ticket product team was first cut, the original team will be integrated with ctrip. "Willing to stay on will be transferred to the Ctrip, is not willing to resign, and according to the compensation scheme of N+3."

however, the person said, eLong tickets have already realized the automation, therefore, the front of the ticket booking service is not affected, but with the airlines, the wholesaler will maintain function, by the relevant departments to undertake ctrip.

it is understood that elong had booked a ticket is not small. According to elong’s 2014 annual report shows that in 2014 the number of tickets booked throughout the year about 3 million 300 thousand, an increase of more than in 2013 of 8%.

and for the airline team was chopped, insiders said layoffs or to save money. Can save a ticket product operating costs and human resources, Q3, Q4 financial figures will be very beautiful."