Ministry of public security to determine the second installment of the focus of the case involving t

hearing on October 18th, the Ministry of public security held a national network to deepen the fight against crime and punish special operations second video scheduling. Vice Minister of public security Chen Zhimin stressed, thoroughly implement the Secretary Meng Jianzhu in the eighteen security mobilization work an important speech on television and telephone conference spirit of the public security organs should focus, a clear mandate, strengthen cooperation, solid work to implement measures for the party’s ten eight held to create a good network environment and the online public opinion atmosphere.

according to the introduction, since the deepening of network crimes against regulation special action, the public security organs attach great importance to and vigorously push through the strike of network crimes, to clean up the Internet all kinds of illegal and harmful information, remediation problems website, network public opinion environment has strong decontamination, special action achieved remarkable results.

Chen Zhimin stressed that the present throughout the investigation by combing related cases clues, identified 40 cases of the second batch of key blow, the organizer should focus and concentrate resources, as soon as possible to arrest this batch of illegal and criminal activities on the Internet, online criminal gangs destroyed, destroyed criminal activities online platform. For 50 sites need to focus on remediation and network service providers, territorial public security organs should actively cooperate with the relevant departments in accordance with the law.