Original sin give up nternet advertising based business model

NetEase Francisco August 18th news, according to U.S. media reports, Rong · Carlson (Ron Carlson); the short story "What We Wanted To Do", is carried out in a village by the West against the marauding Goths failed to protect his comrades and the form of apology. The first paragraph of the novel is as follows:

"when the enemy tried to open our village gate, we want to do is to head towards the enemy poured hot oil. But as everyone now knows, we have a number of problems, mainly technical problems, we can not do what we want to do. Today we can only ask God to give us another chance."

The novel

almost no suspense, see the first paragraph that disastrous results, but because the apology very poignant, so it is worth seeing. In life we sometimes make things worse, forcing us to tell everyone that our desire is good, but not good. Obviously, what we did was a complete failure, but please allow me to remind you that what we want to do is to be brave and noble.

‘s most offensive tool: pop-up ad

the complete failure to discuss here is the world wide web (WWW), in particular, is the representative of the current Internet industry, advertising support, free social networking, services and content. Ever since I read a lengthy presentation on the Maciej Ceg Tellerrand web design conference, I’ve been looking at the Internet world (which I’ve worked for over 20 years in) as a product of total failure.

Ceglowski is an important and influential programmer, but also a talented writer. His speech patiently explains why surveillance ultimately becomes the default (if not the only) Internet business model. His speech was witty and insightful, and as sharp as Carlson’s novel. The Internet to watch us, not because of every act and every move, Zuckerberg brin and page is wicked plotters, but because of good intentions to do bad things. Learn from Carlson’s approach, we want to say: we want to do is to develop a tool that allows everyone to easily share knowledge, ideas, ideas and photos in every place. As everyone knows, we have some problems, mainly business models, and we can’t do what we want to do. Today we ask for a dialogue to discuss how to do better, because the first time we did it was too bad."

I deliberately used the first person plural. From 1994-1999, I worked in Tripod.com to help build, design, and operate a website that sells content and services to new college graduates. After the business is not popular, we turn to the web hosting service provider and the original social network. In 5 years, we tried dozens of revenue models, including subscription service model, revenue sharing model