Those who do not suffer the night burst red products no longer climax

Abstract: because the game is simple and crude, the life cycle is very short, the game data will continue to decline, and then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Other similar products as well as crazy guess map, Bird, Flappy 2048, do not step on the white pieces, one can not die, cut fruit, cut the rope, is a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

they had let you put it down

is that they have burst your circle of friends brush

is that they let you envy jealousy hate

yeah, that’s right. They’re

can’t get up again,


these red products only fire for a while, but the fire can not be a world, and never become heavyweight products……

find your sister

find your sister is a combination of traditional looking classic game and role-playing game, the humorous story, humorous and funny pictures, and a variety of game modes and props system, has become an important element to attract game player.

"find your sister" not the beginning of a burst of red, which released the first version in 2012 September, but in 2013 March suddenly became popular, after data released by the official website "find your sister" reached 6 million active users, active users reached 35 million, the monthly income of millions.

Baidu index shows looking for your sister in February 24, 2013 -3 2 to reach the peak search index of 80 after 564, has been in a downward trend. Although the official continued to update, but has not had a brilliant, but now because advertising is too much, the user has been tucao.

are you going to play with your sister now?


face MOE

face MOE is a Kuo, Erick brothers developed by the fight face software, issued in November 26, 2013. Since the line has been lukewarm not fire.

The application of

22 in May, ranked 298, but by May 31st, adorable face rushed to the Iphone list free list fifth, June 3rd to third, until now the download list first, adorable face 6 months on the line, the user has to 20 million.

face Meng became popular, there is no reason to think that there is no analysis of user stickiness, we just figure a fresh feeling, ran out on the throw, the so-called fire a dead.


magic diffuse camera

magic diffuse camera is a mobile phone application made into a live action comic humor. October 2013, is the magic diffuse camera brush brush circle of friends, the beginning. Magic man camera set a number of records in the field of global mobile Internet, such as a single day of new users 3 million 250 thousand, 4 new users break >