WeChat public number promotion operation a full set of profit plan

some people missed the opportunity to open the Taobao in 2003, but also missed the micro-blog marketing, in the 2013 WeChat public fire up when everyone does not seem to miss, so plunge into the wave of WeChat marketing. Tencent released data is now about 2000000 public numbers, and to increase the rate of 8000 per day, a thriving picture. Today, I operate from the perspective of private butler WeChat public numbers to analyze how to operate the WeChat public number, the daily operation of some tips and feelings to share with you.


first want to say a little: operating WeChat public number is an art, you need to operate your heart. This is a combination of the graphic edit, modify, add a footnote, audio and video editor role.

every WeChat public number of operators are a product manager, the statistical data we read back every day, the daily number of new articles, reading number, forwarding number etc.. In the absence of a clear profit model, these data are determined by the success of your operating indicators, as well as your operational vane, through continuous improvement of data mining and mining in line with your WeChat positioning content.

my WeChat public "Butler" is in the May 8th issue of the first message, very difficult to gain attention in the early WeChat, basically I rely on sichanlanda let WeChat friends on attention, then do some promotion in my micro-blog, September concerns the number of just 500 people, the number of fans certification. By the end of September, I decided to seriously run the WeChat public number, to publish graphic news daily. After about two weeks, I found that a person’s strength is limited, in early October, I convened a number of friends in the hotel industry, let them participate in the private butler WeChat.


The establishment of

team let us WeChat on the right track, but also let us more and more clear positioning, the foundation is a private butler, based on the hotel industry, radiation tourism. The vast majority of our fans are hotels, travel control and the pursuit of refined life of white-collar workers, after three months of efforts, as of today, our fans reached a total of 20000. In the absence of any pay promotion and support of the site as a YISHION to share knowledge and information of the hotel at the top of WeChat public, very satisfied that results in the number of fans beyond the magazine hotel industry portal and hotel industry.


now enter the body, do WeChat public, you should first consider the location, do the preliminary planning is very important to determine the WeChat theme, take a position with your name, the principle is easy with positioning, also easy for people to search. For example, private butler micro signal, whether in the individual WeChat or WeChat public number, search private butler or ButlerService can find and focus on us.