Plus the reputation of the virus creating the perfect word of mouth marketing

due to the spread of similar form, people tend to put the viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing paintings sign, but they are essentially different: viral marketing pays more attention to the marketing process such as virus like spread, an interest as a starting point to improve the visibility of the product process; and word-of-mouth marketing will aggravate the degree of reputation the product, spread in trust for spontaneous communication rather than interest. So, a perfect word-of-mouth viral marketing + = reputation.

speaking of word-of-mouth marketing, had said a brand of Starbucks, which lasted 42 years from a little mermaid to the world today has nearly 12000 branches of the green giant, is relying on good reputation. The "VIP Club" as a center of Starbucks word-of-mouth marketing, Starbucks will regularly inform the members to send news and offer coupons. In addition, Starbucks also through the platform of "classroom" coffee, to convey to consumers if I was not in the classroom, in Starbucks; if I am not in Starbucks, Starbucks in the way "to the" third space "concept, in the sharing of knowledge at the same time with coffee consumers, third space concept spread to word-of-mouth marketing the effect of.

see Starbucks word-of-mouth marketing success, many companies eager to hope in a similar way to bring enormous benefits for their own brands. We all know that word of mouth marketing effect is good, it needs the cost of capital is small, can be extended for a long time, the promotion of large area, can get more participants and beyond the imagination of the proceeds.

word of mouth marketing in the network marketing has a very important value: first, word of mouth marketing can help companies in the new product launch stage quickly detonated sound to attract more consumer attention. The more people pay attention to the product, enterprise’s sales was greater; two, word-of-mouth marketing can be used to monitor the negative information on the Internet, when the negative information is generated, can dilute the contradiction; three, selling products will be reflected to the extreme. When a new product is turned out, most people will take a wait-and-see attitude, only a small number of people will become consumers, it needs to spread word-of-mouth marketing propaganda selling products, attract more consumers.

saw the successful case, word-of-mouth marketing understanding of word-of-mouth marketing advantage at the same time, more should pay attention to several points "idiot type error": first, don’t let people see a lackluster appearance. Even if you are a small company can not be small, but also to do their own facade to do pretty, at least not to let people feel that this is a business without the intention of the enterprise; two, avoid contradictory views. Keep yourself in any one exchange platform attitude, do not let people see an enterprise holds the viewpoints on the one thing in the two platform, it will often make people feel professional; three, not with the angry customer impulse argument. No matter how good the product is, no one will accept it, with a calm and peaceful attitude towards each and every customer who is not polite.