When Taobao combines micro blog’s micro blog marketing

long ago heard the word micro-blog, but also know it fire up, a lot of people opened micro-blog, also saw a lot of Taobao store opened micro-blog. But because of his love is not love not to update the status of manufacturing topics, but not on this form is very interested, in the years shortly before the sudden rise I registered an account Langyou pet, want to say can also sell more single. In fact, the beginning is really not what effect, because I seldom pay attention to, even if I release, release the dog experience, even the occasional release of winter dog to pay attention to what, but it’s not what I think, every day to update the status and no one really unhappy about. Ha ha, do not know if you have this feeling. Then I will find a way, I was a good place to do to do, or do I go to play. So I think a lot of good ways, the efficiency is quite high. A little pride. I can only say that really effective. Now share with you own micro-blog business channel, especially when not what effect of small sellers and want to rely on micro-blog to promote their shops selling things of children’s shoes. The effect of Words alone are no proof. for everyone to see the evidence.

turnover last month (1.19 – 2.19)


turnover for the month (2.19 – 3.19)


a, open micro-blog

I do not explain how to open the details, in short, is quite simple, that is, pay attention to the best and their own shop name the same, if the ability to try to decorate some good-looking. Sina and micro-blog are now very popular Wang, which is more specific for those of us who are not the focus of the speech, the focus is to have energy, then you can open 2 places. I am currently in the Sina open, ready for the next Tencent also opened a. First to share my store micro-blog.

(in order to avoid advertising suspected part of the mosaic)


two, a rapid increase in popularity (potential to buy customer popularity)

have to say this is very important, you must first know your people in the shops for the function of the product, such as the store is selling pet products such as food and drug, and most of the dogs. The positioning came, my potential purchasers are those from across the country to raise the dog, as a dog like children, this can be said, not what love should not be micro-blog brought sun, not to join the micro group, personal views do not attack. Ha-ha。 I started working on these potential customers. The steps are as follows:

1, search for pet related groups. For example, in dogs, Teddy, VIP, husky, Samoye, etc. will have a lot of golden group, but.