Ouyang Yu do the six ways to promote the online mall

e-commerce is getting more and more fire, a lot of webmaster friends are doing e-commerce, the author has also recently applied to a traditional home appliance business, the company has just established a mall eager to promote out. From start to now more than 2 thousand IP per day, has been done by me and a colleague of the 2 independent. Nonsense is not much to say, let me summarize my 2 months in the process of the use of the promotion of the six methods.

1, clever use of C2C platform, to open their own independent mall visibility.

can be opened Taobao flagship see or mall, as well as some platforms, such as pat. To establish their own shops, the credibility of the best get high, not high and nothing to do, you can borrow his platform to introduce some precise customer. This has 2 advantages:

one is to increase the credibility of two is that these platforms themselves have a huge user base.

2, with the help of the mall and do your website promotion.

such as electric appliances mall, in cooperation with Zhongguancun and other sites, they have electrical channels, the net every day will update some knowledge appliances small articles, such as air conditioning, he will update the number of "how to" like air conditioning cleaning articles, with them can call network coding and soft advertising insert some mall in the update article, such as the web site. Its website update quotes, quotes and other articles, the article in the lower part of the mall with our recommendations, the effect can be imagined. Are the most accurate flow!

3, soft marketing

to find some news, or speculation about. For example, buy some awards, CEOs deeds, deeds, etc.. The packaging itself into the largest mall in the field, the major portals reprinted reports, the effect is also good.

4, the establishment of the mall integral system

users to buy items can be the corresponding points, points can be exchanged for some small gifts. This user will feel more affordable to buy, points can also be exchanged for so many small gifts. Or get points lottery, the replacement for the gold volume and so on, this idea can continue to extend, many do not say, you can think of.

5, holiday promotions

now there are a number of Chinese push Festival, we all attach great importance to. But many foreign festivals, such as white valentine’s day, April Fool’s day and so on. Now many people will think it is a festival, will celebrate. We can also hold regular holiday promotions, to promote the activity of the mall. There is also a chance to get some of the activities such as spike, held regularly, you can attract some accurate traffic.

6, and some buy network cooperation

now buy so live, how can miss it. If the mall is for local customers, you can choose and some well-known local group buying site, select some of the more popular, market sensitive products. This >