VPKD announced a 100 million C round of financing is expected to reach 2 billion next year

August 3rd news, children’s English brand VIPKID today officially announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing, lead investor side for Yunfeng fund, the existing shareholders Sequoia Capital China fund with investment.


(we) will continue to increase investment in teaching and research, but also to accelerate the development of globalization and the strategic deployment of the whole platform." VIPKID founder and CEO Mi Wenjuan said that by 2017, VIPKID’s annual revenue will reach 2 billion yuan, the number of students in reading up to 200 thousand people.

In addition to

, VIPKID will also be completed in the teachers, tutorials, platforms and experience upgrades. Including the development of participation in the global ESL English teacher teaching standards; the primary school syllabus based on CCSS standard of American primary school curriculum, to build "a new curriculum system before class teacher of flipped classroom + North American homework" on 1 1+ games; and the teaching content in the mobile phone, IPAD, computer and other multi platform linkage.

C round of financing, lead investor side, Yunfeng Fund Executive Director Li Na said, "chose to invest in VIPKID, but optimistic about the future of online education, pay more attention to its innovative business model and excellent team service ability."

according to its official disclosure of information display, VIPKID was founded in 2013, a total of more than 500 thousand registered users, paying more than 30 thousand users, more than 3000 foreign teachers team, and all from North america. VIPKID company was founded by the initial venture capital fund innovation Angel round investment. October 2014, access to the internationally renowned investment fund Jingwei China, Sequoia Capital and Innovation workshop A round of investment. In October 2015, VIPKID received nearly $20 million B round of financing, led by the aurora borealis, Jingwei China, Innovation workshop and Sequoia Capital investment.