A5 investment and financing briefing dream live know almost 100 million dollars in financing slow

1 Thai flute


investment amount:

Thai flute technology three new board listed, will add green plants rental service. Thai flute network is an online 24 hours washing service, laundry, washing, washing bag, shoes and even toiletries and other luxury goods Home Furnishing washing one-stop online washing service.


2 neutron star

: koala investment fund collar vote, Zhuo village capital, investment capital with

investment amount: 30 million yuan

The financial services platform "

enterprise neutron star announced that the company has received 30 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the current round of financing by the koala fund collar vote, Zhuo capital and investment capital with village.



Investment: Meikailong

investment amount: 40 million

VR home decoration brand dress by Home Furnishing circulation giant Redstar 40 million A round of financing. VR home decoration company is home to 365 of its flagship brand, which was announced in March 2016 to get together with the decoration network lead investment of $18 million A round of financing.


4 dentist Butler

Investment: Ping An Innovation Investment Fund led, welfare funds, Chen de fund with investment.

investment amount: 100 million yuan

dentist Butler announced that has completed 100 million yuan A round of financing in recent days, the current round of financing by the Ping An Group’s "green innovation investment fund collar vote, welfare funds and Chen de fund with investment. Round of financing will be mainly used for market development, continue to cover small and medium dental clinics, while research and development, iterative, upgrade software and hardware products.


5 dream live


investment amount: 100 million U.S. dollars

recently, the dream broadcast hundreds of millions of dollars to get Pre-A round of financing, financing will be mainly used for the dream of live broadcast + business expansion, and a series of major layout of the landing. Dream live APP is a new mobile phone broadcast platform, focusing on entertainment, to create "entertainment live +" mode, can be used as a variety of film and TV series, the actor auditions, footage publishing advertising and distribution channels.


6 mm technology

Investment: investment, equity investment

LB hoze

investment amount:

mm technology is a focus on the status of the smart home smart sensing, automatic control and machine learning. The company is committed to