How to track user behavior data of mobile devices in post PC Era


has been busy working on new projects, so it’s been out for a while. A lot of friends complain, this is a kind of urge, I will do my best. The article was supposed to be on the way, and it turned out to be a mistake. Now all our friends to readers.

on how mobile devices to monitor the behavior of users, seemingly easy, in fact, is not easy. Easily, if the mobile device as a desktop PC, so in fact, whether it is App or Web, can be used in the current PC on the way: Page Tagging and Event Tracking. But the problem is that there is more flexibility in mobile devices, people use more than one device, people still switch between mobile devices and desktop devices, and people are still switching between web and app. In this way, there are too many cross-border and cross-border behavior of a person, if you can not monitor these "cross" behavior, our monitoring can not be accurate. After the PC era, the monitoring of Internet users are also facing new challenges and challenges.

at this year’s SEMPO meeting, I had 30 minutes to talk about the topic. However, the time is too short, it is difficult to start, but it is clear that the presence of the audience is very interested. Therefore, I think that there should be an article to study this field, in this article and the next article, I will introduce my understanding of the method.

this article, an article from the American experts Kevin Trilli, the original title is "Mobile Tracking: How it works and why it" s different ", I asked my friend Ptmind Li Ying students to help me do the translation. Thank you very much for her help! This article is not easy, but the translation is very good.



essentially, mobile data monitoring and monitoring of our common web site in principle the basic common. For example, we all want to be able to cross site monitoring through the domain, but the survival period of this cross site identification information monitoring are too short, so we have to use to monitor the survival of single domain identification more. However, in the world of mobile monitoring, there are some small waves will make these things become more difficult.

"here are some mobile monitoring technology, and will emphasize these technologies and our traditional online monitoring the difference. In fact, there are already many mobile advertising providers in the user to identify and monitor. For simplicity, we assume that we are through the advertising network (Ad Network) advertising, and related monitoring and tracking. But that doesn’t mean that it will only be used in ad networks