Turnover turnover of customers why buy

we as sellers, sales of products, customers want to buy. But most of the time, the customer to choose the others, and they can only find a small part of the customer, and even no customers with their turnover. What is the reason behind this and what kind of law Li Leiting on this article will give you a brief introduction to this issue.


customers will pay attention to the issue of product

customers to buy products, the main problem is that he needs to be resolved, and the problem is that he can not solve the need to help others, for which he is willing to pay a certain fee. In order to make their own money to spend money, so, in the purchase of the product, customers tend to think first, and then choose what they think is the best. What does the customer think about


product effect

The effect of

product is the extent to which the product can solve the customer’s problem. With the time cycle, the use of convenience, the use of experience, the use of the effect, and so on. For example, a piece of clothing to wear, can know how to use the watch hand touch can know good material. For example, skin care products, how long does it take to see the result of the use of the time, do not trouble, skin care products when used in the taste is not bad, how did you feel when you painted on the face, after use can not achieve the expected effect.


this is the convenience of the purchase, and the convenience of the use of different products. This is the time to buy, the difficulty is not large. For example, some products, especially loans such, have to go through many procedures. For the general merchandise, for example, is to look at the time of purchase, Ma is not trouble, the same product, but the pre-sale than the spot. The same price, online shopping than downstairs supermarket.


customers to buy the product, the product itself and the business will have a prior understanding of the cognitive, it will form a certain degree of trust. The same product, different businesses, platforms, the customer for their trust is different, of course, the customer will choose the most trusted merchants to buy. For example, the same product, the same price, customers are more willing to choose to be able to experience the product before buying the business there. So, in the case of the same price, customers are more willing to choose the physical store.


people in the purchase of products, often there will be a price budget, about what to buy the price range of products. After determining a good interval, you will find the price range up and down the product, and then through comparison to find the highest cost. Why so many people through the early Taobao shopping, first of all, a variety of products on Taobao, followed by the product price is really low. A cell phone store to 1800 yuan, the same product, Tmall as long as $1100, which one would you buy