The project choice of Fu Dekun grassroots webmaster

is very happy to meet you, from entrepreneurial start, according to my past experience, early in the Internet business, and make search resource investment is to make money, the next step is to do personal station, along with a variety of union to thrive, individual stations can earn is not much, you must learn to do the Internet, I find the pulse 2002 transferred to the normal operation of the project, found a lot of small capital opportunities can be bigger, as at present, the flow of resources is flooding, cheating and illegal content, the flow is not worth the money. The initial stage, not a lot of money personal webmaster, can learn many people together to do one thing, now do not flow in the theme. Training under the new network environment, to learn how to do the real IP application content, to maximize the value of the past, do not say, everyone is good at traffic.

          2008 is the starting point of network marketing, so the person standing at first have to find out the comparison of the classification and accurate content, pan navigation, garbage station on traffic is not, the content should be a starting point for a class of people, or a class of things. One is, such as female students male students boring people what people can do what they love the content of a class is illegal except things such as riddles, lottery tickets classes focus on doing one thing to do the fine deep accumulation of traffic in this site is a bit difficult, but also very valuable real IP about half a year to make a forming station next. Is the traditional advertising alliance earn money really big money, direct towards the cooperation to get your partner who is very much a Taobao shop shop shopkeeper patted now, will you take it directly with their website IP resources cooperation agreement Help sales or directly open stores cooperation business partnership will not drag flow, just a simple conversion, personal webmaster in cooperation, learn to profit to partner, ran several single what do not care about, let cooperation smooth sales, you can get money and reputation from customers to promote

‘s own independent shop is not desirable, because there is no trust, the cooperation and you can get a large C2C, the value of cooperation is the flow of good many times, 500-2000IP will be able to support yourself and stand, accumulated to a certain number of users and reputation, 2000-10000IP can hang a few Taobao and a pat on the branches. You can earn 2-5 million years, when more than 10000IP, you can find manufacturers negotiate online distribution, even signed an exclusive of a product sold exclusively online, you can’t do it yourself, you can find a few friends to do a joint station, hanging in front of stores, made out of scores and the fact that proper exaggerate a little trading the data is easy to sign some small plants online exclusive sales, the real competition is very fierce.

some small factory products of good quality, the price of absolute advantage, over the past two or three years, there have been many small businesses trying to do network marketing and a hot Internet business applications, IP also is a person, no enterprise "