Tell you Taobao and YAHOO China unknown secret

      last night, due to Taobao Alipay to receive payment in the open Taobao, inadvertently let me find a little of Ma Yun’s little-known secret"……

      open the Taobao home page, because the machine is a "menopause" type, the mouse by card, press the mouse in a moment, I heard some pretty funny and funny sounds strange, open the Taobao website before there is no sound around, oh. This aroused my curiosity, in order to identify the source of the sound, I spent about 10 minutes later, I finally found a "arch-criminal", the original Taobao LOGO to hide some unknown secret, please do not worry, and I give you detailed here:

      I believe that Taobao’s "the secret" is now absolutely not many people know, and it’s done very subtle, careless or try to find fault can not be found, the original Taobao LOGO, in front of the above "Amoy" drops in that, in the future "all out as long as you point it, there will be a period of slogan funny audio, don’t believe yourself to try.

      here, it seems that I use the title of a little flicker people, huh, huh, huh. Then YAHOO China’s LOGO also has such an interesting audio, here I do not say it, on the LOGO that a few English letters in a row, as long as you are actually very easy to find out.

      I don’t know whether it is a creative Ma’s hand, in fact, and do the same, as long as you work hard to find, you can always do something different from other people, and these things will give you unexpected results.