A5 topic the interaction between the nternet and the Olympic Games in London


recently, the London Olympic Games has become a new hot topic on the internet. From the major search engines for LOGO together for the Olympic refueling, the major portals have hit the Olympic brand show homemade, and then all kinds of sports network video site, increase site traffic, even on Friday during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, send Twitter users with the Olympic related news reached 9 million 660 thousand. There are signs that the Olympic Games will bring new hot spots.

and relative, the development of the Internet has also brought no small impact on the Olympic Games this year. With the change of the media industry, the spread of the news from the newspaper, television to the development of social media. Even the International Olympic Committee official said London was one of the most social games of the year. According to the latest official data from Sina, since the opening of the Olympic Games in London, as of 28 PM, Sina micro-blog Olympic Games released on the number of micro-blog up to 120 million times, of which there are 2 million 400 thousand Olympic micro-blog from the United kingdom. In the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the performance of the actors on the Internet is an expression of the Internet in today’s society is indispensable. Therefore, it can also be understood at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, the Olympic Organizing Committee to the World Wide Web inventor Tim · · Li’s tribute. It is true that his invention has made a great contribution to the change of the way of human being.

below, you will be a detailed inventory of the London Olympic Games and the interaction between the internet.

Olympic Games social media "not free"

every Olympic Games has its own story. All the signs indicate that has always been a conservative Olympic Committee will fully embrace the digital "Pan social era", the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will become the first ever "social games" (Social Media Olympic, referred to as Socialympics). In fact, the concept of Pan social is not the first London olympics. Review of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, it is not difficult to see the growth trajectory of social media. Today, social media is ushering in another leap in its history. Facebook’s active users have soared from 100 million people in the year to the number of people, the number of Twitter users also topped the 100 million mark for the first time, the popularity of smart phones makes it possible to comment on 24 hours online and real-time. It is not difficult to imagine that the 2012 London Olympics will never be "traced", "blog", "face book", "Twitter", "praised" or "be"".

today, social media has become a hotly contested spot business. While giving people more freedom of information, social media itself is becoming more and more free, especially with the London Olympics approaching, in order to protect the interests of the sponsors, to eliminate the free rider